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Your Personal Commitment to Diversity

August 2015

In the June 2015 issue of the California Association of Health Care Leaders (CAHL) newsletter Career Corner column, IT Optimizers' founder and managing practice director, Joseph DeLuca, MA, FACHE, opens up the dialogue about diversity in the workplace, biases, and discrimination. There are places like ACHE that embrace discrimination-free practices and recognize diversity as a matter of ethics and business imperative. On the contrary, Mr. DeLuca also reflects on the time he has encountered lack of diversity from a longstanding client. Mr. DeLuca encourages to look back on moments like this and reflect on your own implicit biases (attitudes that affect your decisions on an unconscious level) and explicit biases (attitudes that affect your decisions on a conscious level), and ask yourself: How do you fight the biases you have? How do you fight for change in others?

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