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9 Factors for Effective Leadership

January 2015

9 Factors for Effective LeadershipIn the December 2014 issue of the California Association of Health Care Leaders CAHL) newsletter Career Corner column, IT Optimizers' founder and managing practice director, Joseph DeLuca, examines ACHE’s core theme – leadership. Joseph DeLuca asked health care executives, non-profit community organizations of scale leaders, and start-up/early stage company leaders he met with to share their philosophy on leadership. The results were consistent across organization type, years of experience, and career stage.

According to this group of leaders, an effective leader is someone who:

  1. First and foremost, has to lead themselves
  2. Values integrity
  3. Aspires to commendable goals of services, commitment and excellence
  4. Leads with compassion and empathy
  5. Adjusts and learns quickl
  6. Balances work and personal life
  7. Focuses on team development and goals at all times
  8. Sets high goals for themselves
  9. Reflects on decisions before making them

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What is does leadership mean to you? What leadership framework do you use? We are curious to know your thoughts on this topic. Email us your feedback.